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Goats love wilding pines

Wilding pines branches prepared for goat munching.

Wilding pines are a big problem but goats provide a solution

Goats love wilding pines. That is a good thing.

Milking goat farming with trees because goats love wilding pines.

Wilding pines may not have anything to do with soapmaking or skincare. But this video was taken at the roadside at our farm in Te Anau, Fiordland, New Zealand, where pines have sprouted up, obscuring the view of the road from the drive, and generally making farmers travelling on the road a little nervous.

That is where the humans who look after the goats come into the picture. Well, goats would eat the pines if they could. But these ones are beyond the fence, so they need some human help.

Most days I cut some branches and carry them up the driveway, and place them in the goat shed. The branches have precious minerals that live lower in the soil than grass can access. The trees suck up the minerals and place them in the pine needles, which helps the goats produce good milk, and keep in good condition.

When the pine needles are eaten, the goats start to strip the bark off. They get nutrients from the bark too.

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