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How To Beat The Postage Increases on 1st October

You can beat the postage increases being forced on us by postage organizations the world over.

Why are there increases in cost so significant this year? Health and Safety concerns have forced postal agencies to create new ways to sort shipping. This all costs them money to set up. So the suppliers are charging more money per item passing through their systems.

Why are we passing postage increases onto you?

The second reason we are inviting you to beat the postage increases is that we have run out of ways to reduce the increases.

In the past when there were large cost increases we trimmed the postage increases by rearranging parcel size and other minor changes. We did whatever possible to not pass on the costs. This October it will be different because we have fewer options.

Why are the postage suppliers facing increased costs?

Beat the postage increases
This is a post box in England. We won’t be using one of those.

The increased costs of postage are caused by the need to reorganize working systems around social distancing, increased automation, less social contact between people, more cleaning, and on and on the list goes.

How can you beat these costs?

First and foremost, make orders before October 1, 2020.

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Second of all, order larger pack sizes. It is the number of packages that is leading clogged processing centres. As a direct result of that, they postage agencies have begun to charge more for items 2000g or less.

How you to get an order to be more than 2kg, without putting a sandbag in it? Well, thankfully you won’t have to figure all that out. We’ll do some sums and come up a shopping cart total price at which you won’t be charged the postage at all. But for now, go to the shop and place an order. We’d love to see your order come through soon.

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