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Sodium Palm Kernelate is a common soap ingredient we do not use

Sodium Palm Kernelate is a common soap ingredient that may strip skin of oil, making it irritating. It is a Palm Kernel Oil  acid. Or you could simply say, it is from Palm Oil (Not Coconut Oil. But rather, Palm Oil.

A large number of “natural bar soap” manufacturers use Palm Kernel Oil, or in this case the salt acid, Sodium Palm Kernelate as a moisturizing surfactant in bar soap.

Why don’t we use Palm Oil extracts in Milk Relief Soap™?

One day soon after we started making soap for our family we began to offer it others.

Then a consumer approached us about our soap, and said, “Oh I wish that you made this without Palm Oil.”

So we did some research, and began to realise the devastation being wrought on native forest areas by indiscriminate palm oil plantation growth.

Once your eyes are “opened” to what is really going on with palm oil, we thought the best plan of action was to replace our source of “Sustainable Palm Oil” with other options.

If you like what you see here, take a look at our ingredients page, to see how few ingredients we use. Then you will understand how seriously we take the n- word.

Take the hint, click on the link below to see what we put in our soap.

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