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Why Choose Regular Delivery?

We are a long distance from you. It takes days, and sometimes 2+ weeks to send your chosen product to you. In that time, you may run out of product.

Small – 2-3 items per month
Medium – 6 items per month

I don’t know what you think about running out of these products. We rely on them for day to day comfort. The thought of running out is not a happy thought, if you ask us!

A regular delivery subscription allows you to receive your product in the mail, on auto delivery. We hope you choose this approach, and do not run out of our Palm Oil Free Soap or Palm Oil Free Skin Sticks.

How regular delivery works

In this shop there is a page called Shop. That is where you can purchase your items, and we will post them off to you. It’s a normal online shopping experience. This page however, gives you subscription choices, which keep on delivering on a monthly or bi monthly (every two months) basis.

Pay monthly and receive the items and amounts you choose.

Change the options, or cancel, at any time.

Option 1. Australian Dollars open subscription (no contract)

Two bars dispatched to you monthly
Milk Relief Soap™ Monthly POFSApayment collected via PayPal Inc.