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Have you been looking for palm oil free soap?

If you have you been looking for palm oil free soap, perhaps you are looking for soap without palm oil in it. If so, no doubt at some stage you have come to know about the devastation the palm oil industry is causing. Once your eyes are “opened” to what is really going on with palm oil, and you start looking for it in the ingredients of products you are using every day, you suddenly realize palm oil is in so many of the everyday items you have been using!

Palm Oil Free Soap suits this mother orangutan with her baby

Mother orangutan with her baby

Avoiding buying products that contain palm oil is not easy. So next time you go shopping, you read the list of ingredients carefully to pick the items without palm oil…

“Where on earth can I find soap without palm oil?”

Do you feel like screaming after turning over every bar of soap on supermarket shelves and spotting words such as “Sodium Palmate” and “Sodium Palm Kernelate” every time? Even simple words like “vegetable shortening” or “vegetable oil” probably indicate the presence of palm oil. Where are you supposed to find soap that contains no palm oil and feel sure about it?

To make matters worse, when it comes to palm oil free soap, the available options are extremely limited.

If you have special needs such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or sensitive skin, it is terribly hard to find something which is non-irritating, let alone without palm oil! Do you then have to succumb to making a compromise? We think not! As consumers, we should be allowed to choose the products we will support without being bullied into buying items we are not completely happy with.
That is why we make our Palm Oil Free Soap,  Milk Relief Soap™.  The ingredients are designed to be non-irritating to eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or sensitive skin. Our soap is  without palm oil.

Buying Palm Oil Free Soap encourages leaving of tropical rainforests in Borneo, where orangutans live, undisturbed

Tropical rainforest in Borneo where orangutans live

“Palm oil free soap is one thing, but I also need…”

You want to use palm oil free soap, but then there is a list of criteria you are looking for as well. Your list might look like this:

  • No chemicals check out the ingredients
  • Unscented (no fragrance or essential oils)
  • Handmade from scratch (not “Melt and Pour”)
  • Lathers and cleans well
  • Plain
  • Mild
  • Moisturizing
  • Fair trade
  • Totally sustainable
  • 100% natural soap (not synthetic detergent)
  • Non-irritating for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or acne
  • Organic ingredients
  • Synthetic preservatives? No
  • Animal testing (cruelty free)? No animal testing
  • Tallow or lard? None
  • Whiteners or bleaches? No
  • Colorants? No
  • Alcohol? None
  • Added water? No
  • Hydrogenated oils? None
  • SLS, sodium lauryl sulfate? Absolutely no
  • Parabens? None
  • Propylene glycol? No
  • No formaldehyde
  • Affordable for everyday use

Yes, Milk Relief Soap™ meets all of the above criteria, because they are important to us, too.

Palm Oil Free Soap Milk Relief Soap Made in NZ
Palm Oil Free Soap with rich all natural lather | eczema, psoriasis, asthma ok

By the way, we will never use a microwave oven at any stage of soap production.

The palm trees would have been initially planted in cleared virgin forest, so I will not support it.

“I really wanted to try Milk Relief Soap™, as I was having trouble finding something mild, perfume free & without palm oil etc. The palm trees would have initially been planted in cleared virgin forest, this is now a wide spread problem, so I will not support it. I wrote and told the Milk Relief Soap™ team about my dilemma, and to my surprise, they offered to make a palm oil free batch just for me!

I have been looking for a good soap for years.

“They made a brand new formula with the flora & fauna protection in mind. I didn’t mind waiting for the soap as I have been looking for a good soap for years, but my psoriasis was starting to play up due to lack of sun while I was waiting. (Winter in New Zealand)

My soap search is finally over.

“When I used Milk Relief Soap™, I noticed that my wet skin felt ‘squeaky clean’, but when dried, my psoriasis wasn’t so itchy. In fact, quite a few weeks later when the first bar of soap finished, my skin was feeling great. I decided to try it on my hair as a shampoo and that was even better, as my hair became softer and less spiky. My soap search is finally over. So thanks, and I will recommend Milk Relief Soap™ to others. I will be in touch to order more fabulous soap in the future.”

Marion Preston, Blenheim, New ZealandMarion Preston
Healthcare Professional
Blenheim, New Zealand

You are not alone

Dry skin sufferers: we understand your dilemma, because we suffer from eczema, psoriasis and other allergies and skin sensitivities. We need totally mild unscented soap for our family, but don’t want to have anything to do with the exploitation of tropical rainforest for the sake of palm oil plantations. That is why we formulated Milk Relief Soap™  which is a totally unscented palm oil free soap. We are committed to producing only what we ourselves use and believe in. We will not make palm oil free soap alongside other soaps that contain palm oil. In fact, we at Milk Relief Soap™ only offer one kind of soap. You will not get different soaps, scents or colors; only different shapes and sizes.

The purpose of this site

Milk Relief Soap™ was designed especially for one family’s hypersensitive skin. This site was created so you can browse and learn about our story of how we came to create our unique, simple unscented soap for those who can’t use soap. Find out what happened when we found out the real story behind the palm oil industry, and how we quit using palm oil altogether, and designed a totally environmentally-friendly formula for Milk Relief Soap™.

As consumers, we are tired of not being told the full story behind the products we are shown. We want to make sure you can find out all the facts and ingredients so that you can make a fully informed choice regarding soap. This is where you’ll find everything you need to know about Milk Relief Soap™, an earth-friendly solution for sensitive skin.

And of course, you can’t tell much about our soap from this page. To take a site tour is FREE. So click on the button below to start your earth-friendly journey…

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Enjoy your stay here. Be sure to bookmark this site. And tell your friends about it. We have found that a lot of people are looking for soap that contains no palm oil. You, too, can enjoy the luxurious lather of a pure mild bar of soap which is both palm oil free and unscented. :)

Have fun!

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P. S. Yes, you can rely on our 90-Day Wet & Dent Guarantee. Even after you wet your soap and knock it about a bit, if you’re not 100% happy, you get your money back.

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