Palm Oil Free Soap Product Details

Milk Relief Soap™ – Made in New Zealand

The Palm Oil Free Soap product details are described here.

Palm Oil Free Soap Product Details includes the verifiable fact that no two bars are exactly alike. They are all slightly different on the surface.
Milk Relief Soap™ is made on a small family farm in rural South Island, NZ

Our Palm Oil Free Soap product is all-natural and handmade from scratch by the Smith Family Soapmakers
All of us have been sufferers of eczema, psoriasis, asthma, hay fever or skin sensitivities. We are also enthusiastic dairy goat keepers who deeply care about animals and the environment.

Product Details

  • Net weight: approx. 70 g/2.5 oz when packed
  • Handmade pure goat’s milk soap
  • Absolutely no palm oil is used
  • No hydrogenated oils
  • Fragrance-free-goats-milk-soap
  • Full list of ingredients can be read here
  • Production method: Traditional cold process in small batches
  • Proudly made in Te Anau, Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand, and shipped directly from our farm

We stick to what we are good at. One soap and nothing else.

If you like fancy scented soaps in all manner of colors and shapes, this site is not for you. At Milk Relief Soap™, we stick to one formula only. We know what works, and our purpose is to produce unscented mild moisturizing soap for those who can’t use commercial soaps because of their super-sensitive skin and noses.

Milk Relief Soap™ is great for everyday use as a facial soap, body wash, hand soap and shampoo. As a shampoo, one bar of Milk Relief Soap™ gives the number of usages equivalent to 500 ml (17 fluid oz) of conventional liquid shampoo, so it is unbeatable in value for money.

Can you trust the soap or body wash you see at retail stores?

Do you have confidence in your soap or body wash? Do you feel happy using the same product you use for your baby or children? Well, in 1996, we didn’t have confidence in the soap we used when our first child was suffering from severe eczema. There was just no way we could have used soap on him with the kind of soap we had available in New Zealand at the time. That was before the Internet era, and we had a hard time locating just a simple plain bar of soap with no synthetic additives, perfume or colorants!

But now we have the Internet. Today, buying of all manner of items has become a lot easier with search engines and online stores. Even so, finding products that are truly good for your body is still a bit of a task. You still have to go out of your way and search through friends’ referrals or through the Internet. That is why we are here.

The research we did into natural cleansing solutions (without the help of the Internet) back in the early days paid off, because in those days there were only two people in our household with skin trouble. Now there are ten of us with allergy-prone skin. So if we let our hands come in contact with commercial soap, shampoo, laundry or dish detergent even once, the consequences are immediate. Some of us will suffer for days, weeks or even months afterward.

You can see what a personal interest we had in making sure our personal cleaning option was of the absolute highest quality. This store was born out of necessity, which is of course the mother of invention.

Because of our experiences and research, our passion now is to serve individuals and families across the world who need a palm oil free, gentler alternative to fancy scented soaps.

What about glycerin soaps? Aren’t they good for you?

We make all the soap ourselves from scratch, using our own pedigree dairy goats’ milk fresh from the udder (so to speak) and combining it with premium edible organic oils. No fragrance, filler, colorant, alcohol, preservative or water is added, and the soap goes through an unhurried curing phase which stretches over several weeks. Because glycerin is a byproduct of saponification (oils turning into soap), Milk Relief Soap™ is brimming with naturally-occurring glycerin which is deeply moisturizing to the skin. In that regard, all truly natural handmade soaps are “glycerin soap.”

On the contrary, the mass-produced counterparts have glycerin taken out in order to speed up the curing process, and this glycerin is then used as an ingredient in skin creams and more expensive soap products. That is why common bars of soap can leave your skin dry and tight, which of course makes you dependent on skin lotions and moisturizers.

Palm Oil Free Soap Product Details includes the fact that you can use our soap for a shampoo.
Milk Relief Soap™ lathers beautifully for shampooing

We offer nothing but the best. The oils used for our soap are the same organic oils we eat and use for cooking, baking or on our skin. We avoid hydrogenated oils at all costs.

We wanted to serve as many families and individuals as possible by making Milk Relief Soap™ available to them at reasonable costs. The Internet has made it possible for those who are willing to think outside the box to search for and acquire the best among world’s products, all from the comfort of their living rooms.

Palm Oil Free Soap Product Details includes the fact that our goats roam daily. They don't live their entire lives in sheds.
Our goats contentedly graze and browse outdoors all year

Mild maybe, but does it really clean?

Absolutely! In fact, that is really the point of using a real pure bar of soap. Unlike a synthetic “moisturizing bar” that most people now regard as “soap” at supermarkets, a bar of pure soap has an astounding cleaning ability. Let us show you an example. Here is a photo of our mechanic Jonathan’s hands after he has been working on our car.

All the oil is off, using only the soap.
Our mechanic’s greasy hands

When we saw his hands, we promptly gave him a bar of Milk Relief Soap™ and a nail brush. He emerged from our laundry room a few minutes later. Here is the result:

Palm Oil Free Soap Product Details includes the verifiable fact that this soap removes the blackest engine oil from hands.
Milk Relief Soap™ washed his hands clean!

Jonathan generally uses a citrus cleaner for his hands at work, and he finds it too harsh for his skin. He was very surprised and happy after using Milk Relief Soap™, and commented how gentle it felt on his hands.

Our soap box is made of recycled paper.

Palm Oil Free Soap Product Details includes purposefully plain packaging.
Milk Relief Soap™ comes in a simple box made of recycled paper.

We know; we hate plastic, too, and try not to use it wherever possible. Milk Relief Soap™ comes in a simple box made of recycled paper. Nothing fancy but also suitable for a gift.

This is the goat on our soap box, grown up a little

Palm Oil Free Soap Product Details includes the heritage of love our goats have for us, and we for the goats we have, and had in the past.
Elsie with our daughter, August 2010

A kid featured on the box is Redarrow Elsie, a pedigree Saanen doe born on our farm in 2009 who turned out to be an outstanding milker. We loved her dearly, and she had a very happy life on our farm. She gave us two beautiful does in her lifetime: Eleanor and Naomi. Naomi had a lovely doe we called Cassia in 2018. Then gorgeous triplet doe kids in 2020.

Naomi after the birth of the triplets, 2020.

Elsie sadly passed away after a freak accident in 2015 (involving an escaped dog in the neighborhood, a week before we moved from Oxford to Te Anau), but her legacy lives on.

They are called Barbie, Skipper and Stacie.

Left to right, Skipper, Barbie and Stacie.

Are the shipping costs from New Zealand horrendous?

We had to be creative here because New Zealand is geographically isolated from the rest of the world, and shipping anything overseas is frightfully expensive, and vice versa. Some time ago, we found an out-of-print book for $3.65 for a friend in our neighborhood. The location of the book was Ventura, CA, USA. Do you know how much the shipping cost came to? US$43.00!! This is no joke; $43 shipping for a book worth $3.65 (a large book)! The friend wanted it badly enough to pay the cost because we really have no other choices in New Zealand. Shipping costs have gone even higher since then, not lower. (and the above prices must be from about the year 2009 …)

Our solution

In 2021 we started sending items from this store through DHL Express. The reason is that every provider’s shipping prices were rising, and only DHL Express can get our items to you in 5-11 days, fully tracked from our farm to your door.

  • 5-11 days from leaving our farm to getting to your door
  • Fully tracked with one seamless tracking system
  • DHL have their own planes within New Zealand and abroad
  • Starts the courier journey with our own local NZ Post Rural Contractor ends with your DHL driver

When you buy in bulk, you are making maximum use of the shipping rates we offer you. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have Milk Relief Soap™ sent all the way from New Zealand. (Shh, we actually subsidize quite a bit of the shipping costs.) It may be a different story if we were charging the earth for Milk Relief Soap™, but our mission is to make Milk Relief Soap™ as accessible as possible for those who need it, worldwide. So, that’s why Milk Relief Soap™ is sold a little differently to other soaps. Update March 2021 – the prices are even higher after the Covid-19 and fewer available flights out of NZ, but we continue to subsidize the shipping as much as we can.)

How to order Milk Relief Soap™

To ensure you get the lowest possible cost per bar, please select a larger quantity if you can. The benefit to you costwise is that you can buy this unique soap made in the pristine environment in New Zealand without spending a fortune. Once you read our Ingredients page, you’ll understand the true value of Milk Relief Soap™. We don’t spend our money on flash TV, billboard or magazine advertising; most of our money goes into acquiring quality ingredients and looking after our goats properly. If you have ever compared the prices between conventional and organic oils, then you will understand what we mean.

A word from Junko, our chief soapmaker

Let’s face it. How much do you spend on shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, body wash, makeup remover and shaving cream regularly? Have you ever stopped and thought if you really need them all? What if there was a solution that took care of them all, with better results? Most of all, if it was actually better for you and the environment in the long term?

For instance, let’s look at shampooing. I used to use a brand of shampoo which was heavily advertised on TV. I believed it was good for my hair and would prevent dandruff because the ad said so. I washed my hair every day with it because my scalp was itchy. Of course, I used the conditioner that went with the shampoo. Skin on my fingers peeled badly, and consequently, I couldn’t live without the prescription ointment I got from a dermatologist.

Simple is best…and the best is simple

I have been using just a plain bar of soap to wash my hair since 1996. Instead of smothering my hair with conditioner which merely made me feel I had healthy, smooth hair by chemical means, I used vinegar rinse on my hair after washing to neutralize the alkalinity of soap, with a tiny drop of oil for silkiness. Since I started using our goat milk soap, however, I don’t even use vinegar rinse anymore. I wash my hair, rinse it with hot water, and that’s it.

The fact is that Milk Relief Soap™ doesn’t strip my hair of natural oils like conventional soap or shampoo, so I don’t need anything extra. My hair feels smooth again after several minutes of stepping out of the shower. How easy is that? (Note: If you are new to washing your hair with real soap, your hair may feel oily for the first few days while the soap dissolves the buildup of shampoo and conditioner on your hair. Just persevere, and your hair will soon feel soft and silky naturally.)

The pristine environment where our dairy goats live.
The pristine environment where our dairy goats live

Freed at last from commercial traps

I used to have terrible acne all over my face as a teen. It was quite distressing for a girl as you can imagine. I used to use a bar of baby soap from a very well-known manufacturer because the advertising said it was gentle. It used to burn my skin badly, and my face was a mess. I didn’t know what I was doing. One day, my mother finally noticed how bad my skin looked and was alarmed. She told me to use the expensive bar of soap she was using. It was frightfully expensive even in today’s terms; something like $40 just for a bar of soap. I was made to use the toner from the same brand, and it was even more expensive! They seemed to work OK, but I was only able to use them as long as my parents were happy to pay for them.

You know one of these “home parties” you go to where you feel obliged to buy some cosmetics only for the sake of a friend who invited you? Well, I bought a mascara remover for sensitive skin. I used it for the first time just before I attended an important wedding. It was a stupid thing to do. During the wedding, I noticed my eyelids were starting to swell, and by the time photos were being taken, I looked like a different person. My eyelids were so swollen I couldn’t open my eyes properly!

I can go on and on with sad experiences like these, but I know better now. You DO NOT have to use expensive-brand anything to get good results. A quality bar of pure soap can do a far-superior job with a fraction of the cost. But please be aware that there is a BIG difference between the mass-produced soap and the handmade soap, even if the former says plain, unscented, hypoallergenic etc. Use both and compare the difference yourself. You’d be surprised.

If you haven’t found out the ingredients for Milk Relief Soap™ yet, now is the time to find out.

You will instantly see how simple it really is, by clicking on the link below to see the Ingredients page.