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Goat Kid and Kitty Reunion (What did the goat kid say to deserve this look?)

What did the goat kid say to the cat?

The Goat Kid and Kitty Reunion. This Goat Kid video is 12 months old. The kitty had been for a wander, and we hadn’t been able to find her. Then she just turns up again and is all friendly.

(This article originally appeared on our equally important New Zealand site,

Some of you will know what happened, just from those words… That was then, now we have 2 friendly cats. One is from a litter of 4 born in the barrel the goat kid and kitty are sleeping under.

Goat Milk Soap New Zealand channel shows you our approach to natural farming for care products for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. Dry skin is a common problem, and a common solution is to layer the skin with man-made products from a factory. Of course, these factory-made solutions are consistent, convenient, and widely available. But our family prefers natural skin care options.

We created soap designed especially for one family’s hypersensitive skin.

After we get an order, they are shipped within 1-2 business days directly from the farm. No AMAZON! No middle man. You can buy direct from our farm, and you can see our goats in the field, right here on this channel, uploaded by the Smith Family Soapmakers.

The reunion of Goat Kid and Kitty was a year ago, at the time of this post. It is important to note that at the time of posting this, New Zealand post is providing great tracking for all of our orders. They are sent directly from our farm and factory. But, if you order 12 or more bars headed to the USA, you get the added benefit of DHL Express!

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We, the Smith Family Soapmakers have a farm, and we post videos of the goats from time to time. We would love to share articles like this and farm updates with you by email. To find out more, click through to the newsletter page of this site. Firstly, let’s show some appreciation for those who have helped to get this content to you today.

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They love our soap in Long Island, New York.

Could this location be much more different than Long Island, New York?

Why Long Island?

New York City and the Long Island metro area are some of the areas we see our soap being sent to often. The harsh environment that a Northern US winter offers will have a drying effect on people’s skin, I am sure. But this much we have noticed over the years of sending soap to the USA.

They love our soap in New York. From the banks of the Hudson River to the heights of Calverton National Cemetery, we’ve sent soap near there!

How does it get delivered?

Over the years our options for sending to the USA have been reliant on New Zealand Post partners. At first, there were limited tracking “Air Parcel” options. Then that was upgraded to an EMS partnership with NZPost and USPS. That option remains. But starting soon, we will be offering DHL Express options as well. delivered by DHL Express to New York AirCargo News image
Screenshot of DHL Express delivery New York metropolitan area.

Incidentally, in the State of New York, DHL Express has a heavy presence in Long Island. We reentered an arrangement with DHL Express in New Zealand. The service is literally door to door, from our rural location to your location, anywhere DHL Express delivers.

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Goats Grazing Videos

Goats Grazing Videos
Goats Frolicking Down Hill
Golden peace for the goat milk herd | Grazing goats video
How many goat can you see grazing in this video?
The goats return to the shed after an afternoon of grazing on the hillside.
Mommy is lost! (Or so he thinks).
The babies can eat grass